The celebrations.

This post is no way a part of New Year resolution, but I felt like sharing this today. On this New Year’s Eve I was sitting in a city and country where I have been living for just one and half month. I had couple of invitations for New Year’s Eve but I declined them, or I wouldn’t attend any of them because of the chaos they bring along with them. So I spent the evening sitting on the couch watching TV. I know its most ridiculous thing to do on New Year’s Eve but it was a thought experiment for me in a way. Honestly I felt weird sitting in the living room and looking out of the balcony as the firework went off in drizzly sky but I just wanted to be alone. Having company is makes the life better, but in a weird way don’t you think that any kind of company is just a distraction? A way of getting away from yourself, an escape? These birthdays and new years are celebrated in such a volumes that we sometimes don’t realize the subtle affect they have on our psyche. It wasn’t long back that I witnessed a moment where I felt like passing a big milestone in my life. There was nothing particular about that moment but I still felt like something changed in me. I wasn’t the same as the person a moment ago. I have heard somewhere that we think we are spending time but in actual time just passes and it’s rather us who get spent. Time can bring us to a crossroad that can change our life completely, and when that happens we are so busy with the change that we almost forget to acknowledge that moment. These moments are way too bigger to be compared to be New Year’s Eve and birthdays. Of course birthdays are special for everyone as that’s the day we started our journey on earth however it’s also true that we remember nothing of the exact day when we were born. So in retrospect we can’t look back and relive that day, all we do is celebrate the hypothetical idea of being born. May be parents have better idea of celebrating their children’s birthday, and how important that moment is when the child was born in the parents’ life. What I mean is that most we celebrate is the idea of a change happening, more than the moment of change. I just wondered in the middle of the night, what is about this moments that people are so euphoric, roaming around in city roads, setting off firecrackers, dancing and singing. Do they really think that something is changing which more than just a date? We welcome every year with full heart with as much excitement as possible but rest of the days look excruciatingly similar as the days in last years. So in totality its becomes another weekend night out, where the next day we get up hung over and we curse the Monday that seems approaching faster than we thought last night. We really don’t need resolutions, goals or to do lists, all we need to do is realize and acknowledge that it’s a new year and it’s not the year we left behind. Hope I was able to explain it enough.

Wish you all a Happy New Year !!!

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